Award-winning equity investors

Specialists in seed and early stage capital financing


About Avonmore Developments 

  • Actively sourcing investment opportunities from early-stage companies requiring equity capital

  • Established in 2000 by brothers Simon and Michael Blakey

  • Have invested in 29 early-stage UK companies in over 70 funding rounds 

  • Asian market know-how through our Singapore office (opened 2013) and Cocoon Capital (launched 2016)

  • Currently 13 companies in current UK portfolio, 10 in Asian portfolio. Several very profitable exits to date

  • Experienced Lead Investors. Finance and fundraising support offered through multiple funding rounds

  • Michael Blakey awarded UK Business Angel Investor of the Year in 2015. Our 2017 sale of Bybox for £105M was awarded "Angel Exit of the Year" by the BBAA

  • Simon Blakey appointed a non-exec advisor and Investment Committee member at Playfair Capital in 2019. Also a member of the IC for the UK Government-backed Angel Cofund since 2014.

What are we looking for?

Key investment criteria:

  • Entrepreneurial management teams with a range of complementary business experience

  • Some proven market demand

  • Defendable technology and generally with a B2B sales focus

  • Early-stage with a sub-£3m pre-money valuation

Avonmore provides initial funding of £50,000 - £250,000 from its own resources but works with a wide range of high net worth investors, family offices and venture capital funds to raise larger syndicates

For details on our investment strategy, please take a look at our FAQs